Farming Simulator 2015 release date

FS-2015Yes, it is comming! Just not sure jet when,…

Because the Farming Simulator 2013 is just out for PC, xBox 360 and PS3, and there is Farming Simulator 2014 for phones and tablets (Android and iOS), there is still nothing new about releasing FS2015 jet.

But it will definetly come, because if we look at the history, there was Farming Simulator 2009, 2011 and 2013 (latest!) so there have to be 2015 too!

What will be new? Here are some of the leaks that I found on the internet
– Equiment could be damaed when hitng things or misused instead of the daily upkeep being so high on machines.
– More animals i.e: Pig, Turkey, Beef cattle, lamb for muton, breeding horses for shows or boarding them for onwers.
– Seasonal fruits and seasons.
– Cotton and rice as other grains to offer
– Farmer’s daughters – that one was a joke, but it wouldn’t be bad, huh? :)

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See you on field!